Welcome to the Lynn University debate blog! We are proud and excited that our campus hosted the presidential candidates on October 22, 2012 for the final debate of the election year. This site is a place for volunteers, students, faculty, staff, friends and enthusiasts to share their experiences from this historic event.

What does it take to host a presidential debate?

Watch this documentary about when Lynn University hosted the final 2012 presidential debate to see how Lynn students, faculty and staff worked together to host the final 2012 presidential debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

Lynn Graduates share their experience during the #Lynndebate

#LynnDebate up for the 2013 Providencia Award!

The #lynndebate is up for the 2013 Providencia Award, an award given by The Palm Beach County Convention and Visitors Bureau to a local business (like Lynn) who has made an extraordinary contribution to tourism. Voting ends in just 2 days on Thursday, April 25. Cast your ballot today! 

Have you seen the trailer for the official #lynndebate documentary? Get a behind-the-scenes look into the preparations!

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